Domain Slamming

Domain Slamming Warning

I have received mail in the past for as long as I can remember registering domains and some of them were domain slamming letters. What that means is a third party person who obtained my mailing address from the registry wrote me trying to convince me they where my current registrar and I needed to hurry up and renew or loose my domain.

I don’t get many of these scam letters anymore since I now have Whois Privacy for all domains that support it.

One domain I left unprotected intentionally and I go to my mail box and check it to find a letter from Domain Registry Services AKA Domain Registry of America.
You can view their current Better Business Bureau rating at:
As you can see they currently as of 3/13/2014 have an F for numerous problems.

I am very experience and know how to spot fake letters like this so I haven’t ever been unlucky enough to have my domain hijacked and been a victim of domain slamming. I feel sorry though for the many that don’t realize what they are looking at as being a scam and end up having their domain switched over to another domain registration provider. As you can see in the scan of the letter they are charging a whopping $35 per year annual registration.Domain Slammer Letter

The company Domain Registry Services isn’t the only ones that try and pull the trick of getting you to transfer your domain and pay a higher registration fee. There are others that try that as well. They are hoping you won’t be smart enough to spot what is going on.

If you are a customer and you get a suspicious letter like this at any time call Affordable Business Solutions LLC and a representative can help you clear it up and discern what is going on to keep you from being a victim.

Kind Regards,

Steve H.